At AllUnite we are committed to your privacy. When you give us your permission we enter a trust-based relationship where our finest task is to protect you and your data information.

When you engage in one of the apps we collaborate with, or when you use our free wifi at one of our customers, you give us the permission to create an anonymized digital profile that can link the advertisements you have seen to the stores you visit. It is important to understand that when giving us permission you will not be exposed to more advertisements, only more relevant advertisements based on your previous interests.

All data that we collect about you has never and will never be associated with your name or identity. All data compiled by AllUnite is encrypted and anonymized, making it impossible for us to reverse data back to where it came from.

AllUnite never looks at a single, anonymized, digital profile at a time, we only deliver data about numerous digital profiles as aggregated reports to our customers, showing percentages and statistics. So, regardless of the data we have about you, be it cookie data or data about your mobile device, we don’t know that it is you as a person behind.

Any new additions developed by AllUnite to improve our services undergo an intense privacy review process and our commitment to protect our privacy policy remain unchanged. Please read more about how we address your privacy under our Privacy Policy and how we handle cookies under our Cookie Policy.

Remove profile

If you want our computer algorithm to delete you as a digital, anonymized profile you have a number of ways to do so:

  1. Go to and unsubscribe
  2. Delete cookies in your browser. Chose advanced cookie-settings in your browser under internet settings. Add to the list of websites that you don’t want to receive cookies from.
  3. Remove AllUnite as SSID on your mobile device. This is called “de-association”. Go to Settings, and then to Wifi. Press the information button and press “forget this network”.