Integrated Data Solution: End-to-end measurement

Uniting Data Gathering to Dynamic Analytics
Data Gathering@4x

Step 1

Data Gathering

Data Enrichment@4x

Step 2

Data Enrichment

Data Validation@4x

Step 3

Data Validation

Data Visualisation@4x

Step 4

Data Visualisation

Data Gathering

We meticulously research, test, and select state-of-art IoT equipment, tailored to diverse use cases for easy installation and maintenance.

Wi-Fi sensors

Wi-Fi Sensors

Quantify pedestrian traffic, audience, and demographic data cost-efficiently and at scale using Wi-Fi technology.
2D Lidar sensors

2D Lidar

Accurately measure roadside mobility, including vehicular and bike traffic, movement direction, lane position, and average speed.
3D Lidar sensor

3D Lidar

Achieve the highest measurement precision in customer behaviour at points of sale, airports, and outdoor environments.

Data Enrichment & Validation

With a team of expert data scientists and global partners, we enrich, calibrate, and validate data using advanced statistical models and AI. This ensures the highest accuracy and GDPR compliance throughout the process.

VAC & Impressions

Elevate your impressions with dynamic sensor data and adjustable SOT.

Live Demographics

Analyse demographics of your audience and environment with hourly granularity.

Reach & Frequency

Effortlessly plan and report targeted ad reach and frequency for maximum effectiveness

Data Visualisation

Access AllUnite Analytics for comprehensive campaign and space performance viewing, planning, analysis, and reporting.

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