Activate the full power of OOH advertising

From Inventory management to Campaign delivery

Holistic Platform For OOH Audience Measurement

AllUnite Analytics is the ultimate OOH campaign management suite that integrates inventory, audience metrics, campaigns, and data insights.


Inventory Manager

Manage the assets in a web-based, holistic system that feeds impressions calculation and campaigns.

  • Inventory database and administration
  • Classification attributes
  • Industry-Standard VA Calculation
  • Inventory auditing for JICs


Audience Analytics

Access the live traffic flow surrounding one, several or the whole network of panels: indoor and outdoor, digital and analogue.

  • Real-Time and Historical Traffic
  • Impressions and Dwell Time
  • Live Demographics and Reach & Frequency
  • Traffic Forecasting


Campaign Planner

Consolidate OOH frames into one campaign creation, planning, and reporting system. Use it internally or share it with customers to streamline the selling process.

  • Audience Creation (R&F and Impressions)
  • Planning & Optimisation
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • API Integration with DSPs


Data Insights

Extract, analyze, and present data: leverage audience demographics and traffic patterns for a comprehensive view of ad campaign impact.

  • Location Insights (Trends, Weather & Events)
  • Data Changes Comparison
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Audience Visualisation (O/D and Heatmaps)

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