About us

Founded in 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark by serial entrepreneurs Esben Elmoe and Kasper Gevaldig with sound experiences within the e-commerce, both felt a urge to help retailers increase foot traffic in stores.

By using the levers from e-commerce regarding traffic measurements, conversion rates, re-targeting, and profiling of customers AllUnite began to put up free wifi connections for consumers across Denmark. Building on the data received from these outposts AllUnite began creating a strong threshold for digital anonymized profiles and their whereabouts. Now, covering 2% of the Danish population, the ability to offer valuable insights to advertisers about the 1:1 effects of marketing efforts, Kasper and Esben are beginning to roll-out the AllUnite technology platform worldwide.

Esben Elmoe

Founder and CEO

Kasper Gevaldig

Founder and CEO

Alexander Pinsker

Chief Technology Officer

Jesper Slot

Chief Financial Officer

Camilla Banja

Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Skade

Chief Commercial Officer