We are partnering with largest media and advertising companies to deliver data and effective measurements of omnichannel marketing.

"AllUnite are the only ones who have cracked the code of tracking digital marketing and TV to actual traffic in stores and call-centers. This has the potential to increase our ability to present our customers with more relevant and targeted product offerings as well as open up for completely new revenue streams"

YouSee, as part of TDC Group, Largest Telco/TV distributor,
Denmark - May 2017

“Our collaboration with AllUnite within data and effect measurements of omnichannel marketing is an area of potential. As the largest broadcaster in Denmark, we need to ensure that advertisers get the optimal ROI and AllUnite is a valuable addition to ensure this”

TV 2, Largest commercial TV broadcaster,
Denmark - May 2017

This partnership with AllUnite delivers another key data point for clients interested in mastering their campaign exposure and the performance of individual segments. AllUnite’s highly targeted data, paired with Adform’s cross-device, tracking, and suite of buying tools, open up a wide range of highly desirable options including advanced split-testing, optimization, and a merge of online marketing activities with offline foot traffic effect. The highly detailed and top quality nature of AllUnite’s data is ideal for tracing customer journeys and identifying which campaigns are driving the most store visits.

Adform, Global media-agnostic tech vendor
August 2017