Who are AllUnite’s customers?

AllUnite is a product aimed at brands with at least one local store. Our customers span from all types of retail owners both large and small scale. Currently we service customers in 9 different countries, including Scandinavia, Germany, France, UK, USA and Australia.

How do you track from the TV ad / our online campaigns to foot traffic in our stores?

Foot traffic is collected from setting up a wifi router and Bluetooth beacon in local stores. Those having a native app we place our SDK in the app, asking consumers’ permission for AllUnite to track this consumer on a no-name, encrypted digital profile basis. We then match cookie data from media houses with the foot traffic data. For those without a native app, we can still do the tracking and matching of cookie data, with a limited degree of data detail.

How does AllUnite ensure that data is valid?

AllUnite has data counting the number of consumers entering your store based on a combination of anonymized wifi/bluetooth frequency tracking combined with our patented algorithms.

Is it legally compliant?

Yes. We anonymize and encrypt all our collected data, ensuring that data is non-traceable back to the individual. AllUnite constantly monitors any legal changes regarding restrictions with the handling of personal data, and we are in total adherence to the 2018 European personal data legislation.

What is included in the price?

For advertisers the monthly subscription fee per router and beacon is priced between €24-67 (depending on the number of stores).

Is it possible to get an overview of ALL our marketing activities in the AllUnite dashboard?

Yes. You can choose which marketing campaigns you want to include in the dashboard. If you only need to track one campaign at the time, this is also possible. If you want the full overview of which campaign leads to the most customers in your store, you can compare all your marketing activities across search, display, TV, social and outdoor campaigns.

How much time does it take to set up the wifi routers and beacons before data starts coming in?

It only takes a couple of hours to get the wifi router and beacon up and running per store. After the set-up, we typically spend the first two weeks testing the data coming in, and ensuring that the box and beacon is placed just right in the store to collect perfect data. After the testing period, full access is given for the dashboard.

Do we have to use the AllUnite SSID?

Yes. In order to couple foot traffic with campaign data from all our clients and pool this anonymized data, you need to use the AllUnite SSID.

How many wifi routers and beacons do we need per store?

Most stores will only need one of each. One wifi router and one beacon can cover a space of up to ~300 m2 (the equivalent of 1000 square feet). If you would like to know which areas of your store is granted with more foot traffic than other areas, we can set up zones for you to track. Every zone will require its own wifi router and beacon set. Our algorithm can triangulate the frequency for exact locations within the store.

What are AllUnite’s security considerations?

We use the latest firewall software on the wifi routers. We only allow HTTP traffic through the wifi router, and we make sure to align our security measures with your IT policies.