AllUnite provides Google tools for physical stores. We make the offline stores digital by providing a large variety of services from outstore ads, instore ads and business intelligence - traffic around your store, conversion of people entering your store, number of recurring visitors and heatmap.

AllUnite was founded in September 2013 by serial entrepreneurs from Denmark. AllUnite has in 50 weeks launched in 50 countries.

Investors are: Northzone, Coop, Thornico and KE.


Esben Elmøe
CEO Founder

Esben is an entrepreneur in the heart with several IT-companies on record. launched in 1999, a predecessor to Facebook which reached 1M users. From 2009 to 2012, Esben took part in transforming Smartguy from online fashion player in Denmark to global operator in 17 countries in 17 month. This earned him the silver medal for E-commerce in Barcelona in competition with Amazon, Asos and Zalando.
Kasper Gevaldig
CEO Founder

Kasper holds a Master of Science (Pol). He got his first experience as entrepreneur as International Business Development Manager in TDC subsidiary DanNet. Over the last 10 years Kasper has continued as a serial tech entrepreneur with several successes on his CV. As his latest Kasper founded and was the CEO of Actimizer A/S, a cloud communication solution with over 10.000 users in more than 10 countries, a yearly revenue of US$ 3M with a profit of US$ 500K.



Jeppe Zink

Northzone General Partner
Sticky.Ad General Partner
eProspects General Partner
Spaceapes Games Partner

Christian Stadil

CEO of Thornico
CEO of Hummel – sportswear company
Co-author Company Karma

Gregers Wedell- Wedellsborg

Director of TV2 net - Largest TV station in Denmark
Director of Berlingske Netmedier - Business newpaper
CEO of Coop Danmark A/S

Our team

Camilla Banja

CEO, AllUnite Transportation, Director of Chain Partner Sales

Alexander Pinsker

Group CTO

Andreas Jespersen

Group COO

Anastasia Pyatnitsa

Head of Service & Support

IT department

Alexey Kalner

Project manager

Anatolii Lapitskyi

Senior software developer

Denis Parchenko

Senior Front-end developer

Dmytro Aleksandrov

Solution architect

Alexander Bezdenezhnykh

Senior software developer

Anton Zelentsov

Senior software developer, Partner support manager

Sales and marketing consulting

Olga Ivkina

Sales and Support consultant

Maryna Khazaniuk

Designer consultant (IT)

Uliana Kravchenko

Marketing consultant